We hope that we have made a positive impact in encouraging and advancing the music in our schools over the past 31 years by promoting quality music festival and clinic programs.

Please note that the 2015 North American Music Festival season is cancelled.

Many thanks to our dedicated directors, travel planners, site managers and clinicians for giving us this opportunity to reward musical students with quality experiences.

Soar with North American Music Festivals (NAMF) in 2015
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Please also read General Rules applicable to all events.


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Mixed Chorus, Women's Chorus, Men's Chorus, Madrigal Choir, Jazz Choir, Show Choir -

Please also read General Rules applicable to all events.

Music: There is no required music list from which selections must be performed. With the exception of Show Choir, each group must perform THREE selections for adjudication. (Show choirs are limited by stage time, not number of pieces.) A brief (up to two minutes) warm-up piece is optional. Each ensemble in the Mixed Chorus (Concert Choir) event MUST perform an a cappella piece.

Stage time: All choruses except for show choirs receive 15 minutes total on stage to set up and perform all music, and an additional ten minutes for mini-clinic and departure from the stage. Show choirs receive an additional ten minutes of set-up / performance time. Each group will have 15 minutes in a separate room to warm-up, just prior to performance.

Supplied equipment: tuned piano (usually grand), choral risers, warm-up room with piano. Additional equipment supplied for jazz and show choirs:



In the interest of promoting and enhancing the educational value of its Festivals, N.A.M.F. offers to each Director an optional on-stage mini-clinic following the performance in the concert band, orchestra, jazz ensemble, and choral ensemble events. Each inspiring clinic will be offered by one of the adjudicators for the particular event. The clinic will be an optional inclusion at no extra cost, and at the discretion of the director.


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